Time Sensitive networking solutions

High Capacity TSN Switch | TSN MAC

Market leading Chip to chip interface solutions

Silicon Proven JESD 204C & 204B IP Cores

Timing and synchronization solutions for 5G networks

IEEE 1588 PTP | IEEE 802.1AS | G.8275.1 & G.8275.2

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Cutting Edge Digital IP Cores for ASIC and FPGA 



Market leading proven IP solutions for wireless communication with a focus on fronthaul and RAN


Chip to Chip

Silicon proven JESD204B and JESD204C IPs with full feature-set



Solid portfolio of IPs including Ethernet (TSN) Switch, Ethernet (TSN) Controller, PTP 1588


We are committed to the highest quality of our deliverables and you can count on Comcores as a solid project partner.


Comcores is a leading provider of proven IP solutions for 4G and 5G networks with a focus on fronthaul and remote radio head solutions


Proven track record of delivering reliable, high-performance IP Core solutions for aerospace and defense applications including JESD204B and JESD204C Controller IPs in radar applications and space-grade Ethernet TSN solutions.


We provide a range of Ethernet MAC and Switch IP core implementations with supporting software stacks based on the latest Ethernet TSN standards to accelerate Ethernet in-vehicle communication network implementations.


Comcores comprehensive portfolio of Ethernet TSN IP core (MAC and Switch) implementations can be used to accelerate development of level 1 industrial networks capable of supporting industry 4.0 requirements.


Comcores has a proven portfolio of Ethernet, 4G and 5G solutions including supporting software and test frameworks that effectively accelerate the development of new communication solutions.

Whatever your application needs, contact Comcores to understand how we can help you to realize your product vision.


Comcores Webinar: "Bridging Analog and Digital worlds at high speed with the JESD204 serial interface"

Jan. 11, 2022

In this live webinar, we will take a look at the history and revisions of JESD204 to provide an understanding of the standard, the use cases, and its future, followed by an overview of the key features of the standard, useful for system architects and system integration engineers. We will also touch on a few traps and pitfalls we have overcome in numerous projects we have integrated over the years with the aim of raising awareness of common design issues and preventing potential issues in system bring-up.

100G MAC and 100G PCS IP Cores for high performance applications are now available

Sep. 06, 2021

Comcores announced the availability of a 100G Ethernet MAC IP including the Reconciliation Sublayer (RS), as well as a 100G PCS IP that includes RS-FEC and Base-R (SC)- FEC sublayers.

Interlaken IP Core for high-speed chip-to-chip applications is now available

Sep. 29, 2021

Comcores ApS, a fast-growing specialized supplier of
Intellectual Property (IP) Cores expands its Chip-to-chip Interface IP portfolio by announcing the availability of a high-performance Interlaken IP.

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We work closely with our industry-leading partners to assure providing the highest quality, state of the art, and proven IP cores to the market and constantly bring value to our customers.

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