Daniel Nenni of SemiWiki interviewed John Mortensen, the CEO of Comcores. Feb 18, 2022. 
Bio of John Mortensen:

John is the CEO & CCO of Comcores. He has been with Comcores since 2019, and has been leading the commercial function since 2020 and was appointed CEO in early 2021. John is focused on creating the best possible customer experience when you do business with Comcores. An experience where you, as a customer, sense how we constantly strive to develop cutting-edge IP’s, how we make an effort to create value, support you in your technology development, and where you can trust that we do our best to deliver on our promises.

John has 20 years of leadership experience within sales and business development in international companies across many different cultural settings. He has vast experience in connecting capabilities across technical and commercial teams and in using input from customers to influence technology roadmap. In addition, he holds an eMBA from Henley Management College.

John Mortensen
What’s Comcores backstory?

Comcores is a Key supplier of digital IP Cores and IP solutions for digital subsystems. Comcores’ mission is to provide best-in-class, state-of-the-art, quality IP components and systems to ASIC, FPGA, and System vendors. Thereby drastically reducing their product cost, risk, and time to market.

Our long-term background in building communication protocols, ASIC development, wireless networks and digital radio systems has brought a solid foundation for understanding the complex requirements of modern communication tasks. This know-how is used to define and build state-of-the-art, high-quality products used in communication networks.

What problems/challenges is Comcores solving?

Comcores develops and licenses digital solutions for advanced communication systems. Our strong portfolio of Ethernet IP’s, timing solutions and security components enables our customers’ advanced solutions to meet the latest requirements ahead of the competition.

Being an expert in time-sensitive-networking (TSN) and nano-second timing precision, Comcores supports mission-critical projects, accelerates customers’ project development and reduces their hidden risk and cost. Our product portfolio also includes high-speed interconnects, advanced chip-to-chip interfaces, complex radio components and high-performance Ethernet transport solutions.

What markets does Comcores address today?

Comcores’ main markets today are 5G Wireless, Aerospace, Industrial Automation and Automotive. We have a solid background in delivering proven IP solutions to 4G and 5G Networks with a focus on O-RAN fronthaul and remote radio head solutions. Comcores is an active member of the O-RAN Alliance and a number of IEEE workgroups. Our close engagement in research and standardization ensures that Comcores solutions support the latest standards and are prepared for future developments.

Comcores also delivers reliable, high-performance IP core solutions including JESD204, Ethernet TSN, timing solutions to projects within Aerospace and Industrial Automation applications.

What makes Comcores and your products unique?

The quality of our products combined with our agile approach in supporting our customers projects means we find a way to support specific customer requirements when off-the-shelf products are not the best fit.

Our long-term experience in dealing with global tier 1 customers, and servicing customers globally from Asia in the East to Silicon Valley/US in the West is another contributor to our success in being a trusted partner to global leaders in the markets we serve.

What’s next for Comcores? Or what is Comcores’ future direction?

We are strengthening our market position in Time-sensitive-networking (TSN) and timing solutions by adding more plug-and-play subsystem solutions to our portfolio tailored for different applications.

We will also cement our position as the global leader for JESD solutions and will build more chip-to-chip interface IP’s.