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Comcores provide Flexible Ethernet Switch IP Design Optimized for switching in C-RAN and Next-Generation LTE Advanced Networking Equipment

Copenhagen, Denmark, Jul 29, 2015 —Comcores ApS, a leading provider of IP cores for wireless networks today announced the immediate availability of an ultra-compact 1G Ethernet Switch IP design enabling a fast track path to switching of CPRI header information in Cloud RAN systems.

Being able to configure the Ethernet switch from 2 to 73 ports it provides tremendous flexibility for manufacturers of Cloud RAN equipment and next-generation LTE Advanced radio base stations that wants to switch GMII header information from multiple streams of CPRI. The ability to configure the number of rings used in the switch on behalf of throughput makes it possible to precisely dimension the switch for the absolutely lowest size that fits the application.

With this component Comcores offer all the essential ingredients for bridging between virtually any radio access that uses optical or microwave transport, and a centralized baseband pool that uses CPRI for communication. Equipped with the basic building blocks for a CPRI switch – an I/Q cross-connect, an Ethernet switch and CPRI v6.1 controller IP – customers can dramatically shorten design cycles, while cutting costs and mitigating the risks associated with designing “from scratch”. To demonstrate the switching abilities a 4×4 switch has successfully been established and tested on a Xilinx based VC709 evaluation platform.

“We’re pleased to release a central component to handle routing of C&M data in Cloud RAN switches,” said Thomas Noergaard, CEO of Comcores. “Our optimized Ethernet Switch core is a perfect match for any company seeking a solution for C-RAN switching. It delivers the exact performance needed – not more – not less – hereby enabling Ethernet switching on FPGA-based CPRI IQ switches. Altogether, this puts a concrete solution in the hands of customers for making the C-RAN vision a reality for next generation fronthaul design and deployment.”

Among the technical features of the new design from Comcores are:

  • Up to 73 ports non-blocking switch
  • Number of ports and rings within the switching fabric are configurable at compile time
  • GMII blocks included in the design
  • Xilinx based VC709 demonstration platform available for test of functionality

About Comcores

Comcores is a market leader for state-of-the-art IP-cores for wireless communication. The company is a leading provider of modular blocks and components for connectivity and radio functionality in existing and next generation mobile infrastructure networks. Comcores offers leading IP cores solutions, expertise in research and development as well as custom design solutions. For more information please contact us at or visit