Cutting Edge Ethernet Solutions



Comcores is a key provider of Ethernet IP Cores and sub-systems, including Ethernet MAC, PCS, Switch, and Timing Solutions with support for Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN). A comprehensive portfolio of Ethernet MAC and Switch IP core implementations with supporting software stacks based on the latest Ethernet TSN standards is available today. 

The solutions include both hardware and software components enabling easy deployment of advanced Ethernet systems.

Architecture Diagram

Block Diagram of Comcores Ethernet IP Solution

Success Story

Customer experience

Customer: Major Aerospace Company  |  Location: USA


Building a space-grade Time Sensitive Ethernet Switching solution supporting speeds of 10G and 25G



Comcores’ long-term investment in radio technology enabled a safe and well-tested approach to deploy new 5G radios.

The IP provided saved the customer months/years of internal development efforts and made it easy to bring up prototypes to demonstrate proof of concept in an extremely short time.

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