Ethernet TSN MAC 10G/25G


Comcores Ethernet TSN MAC 10G/25G provides a complete IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Layer 2 solution with support for key TSN features including 802.1Qbu Preemption and 802.3br Interspersing Express Traffic. This enables the use of the MAC in high speed time-critical applications. The MAC-core performs the Link function of the 10G/25G Ethernet Standard and is a low latency cut-through implementation reaching best in market results while still keeping size at a minimum. The core is fully configurable and interfaces easily to 10G/25G PCS. Features like IEEE1588 solution, VLAN and DMA integration can optionally be included.

The Ethernet MAC Core, on the Client side, implements a 64-bit AXI-S interface for Express and Preemptable traffic respectively while having a standard XGMII interface on the PHY side.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram of Comcores Ethernet TSN MAC 10G/25G IP

Key Features

Delivers Performance

  • Designed to IEEE 802.3-2012 specification
  • Supports 802.1 Qbu and 802.3 br with extentions available
  • Ultra low latency and compact implementation
  • Full duplex Ethernet interfaces

Silicon Agnostic

  • Designed in VHDL-93 and targeting any RTL implementation like ASICs, ASSPs and FPGAs

Highly Configurable

  • 64-bit low latency Ethernet MAC
  • 10G/25G data rates with cut-through supported
  • TSN features can be enabled/disabled independently
  • 802.1 AS extention available

Richly Featured

  • Deficit Idle Count for maximum data throughput supported
  • In-Band FCS supported
  • Independent TX and RX Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)
  • Comprehensive statistics gathering
  • Very easy integration with standard AXI4 or APB interface
  • Support VLAN, jumbo frames and many other options


The IP core comes deeply verified and with an extensive documentation that, among others, includes Product Brief and User Manual. The product comes with Synthesis script for Synopsys Design Compiller, Timing Constraints in Synopsys SDC format and Access to customer support portal. The core will by default come in an encrypted format. Source code option is available.

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