Ethernet API


Comcores Ethernet Application Programming Interface (API) is a software library that provides a streamlined and user-friendly access to selected Comcores’ Ethernet IP products. The library is written in standard C and is designed to be OS-agnostic through an OS wrapper interface and can be used as a component in custom software stacks and networking applications.


The library is provided together with a Linux demonstration application, providing an easy way to get acquainted with the features of the API and the underlying Ethernet IP, but also acting as a foundation towards more advanced networking application.

Block Diagram

Ethernet API

Key Features


  • Portability ensured by OS-wrapper interface


    • API features adjustable to HW capabilities/limitations of all Comcores Ethernet IPs

    Demo application

    • Evaluation application using CLI Interface

    Modular design

    • Easy maintenance and improved scalability

      Easy to use

      • Source code delivered in standard C
      • Automated build and release system
      • Solid documentation including User Guide and Quick-Start Guide


      The IP Core will be delivered in standard C. The following deliverables will be provided with the IP Core license:

      • Solid documentation, including User Manual and Release Note.
      • Demo application, including a simple CLI Interface

      Please contact us to discuss your project requirements.

      What Comcores IP will do for you

      Proven Quality

      Solid process and predictability

      Strong verification

      Faster Time-to-Market

      First in bringing out new solutions

      Tremendous investments in research


      Long-term experience in communication protocols

      Expert in executing digital design projects

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