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IEEE 1588 v2.1 PTP Solution

Timestamping Unit IP & Software Stack


Comcores IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Solution is a high quality and high performance time synchronization solution, including Timestamping Unit IP (TSU) and PTP Software Stack. The PTP solution is fully compliant with IEEE 1588 v2.1 and IEEE 1588 v2 standards and enables time synchronization across multiple devices. The solution supports IEEE 802.1AS profile making it ideal for TSN applications. Comcores timing solution supports IEEE 1588 PTP profiles such as IEEE Default and Peer-to-Peer, as well as ITU-T G.8275.1 and ITU-T G.8275.2 profiles.

The fully autonomously operated IP includes XGMII and GMII interfaces. User configuration allows easy configuration for various synchronization methods.

The PTP solution has been tested successfully on Xilinx ZCU102 development board as well as at system level thus enabling a fast-track solution for getting started with high performance time synchronization.

Time synchronization is crucial in many applications and industries, such as Wireless, Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, and many others. Phase alignment method allows sub-nanosecond precision and enables even the most demanding applications, for example, 5G networks (Delivering timing accuracy in 5G networks whitepaper).

Block Diagram

IEEE 1588 PTP Solution block diagram

Key Features

Delivers Performance

  • High synchronization accuracy down to 3 ns
  • Supports PTP profiles defined in the standard (1588 default, default 802.1AS, etc.)

Highly Configurable

  • Configurable for many operating modes
  • Automatically calculates point-to-point latency
  • Has programmable eMAC and PHY ingress and egress latency
  • Supports GMII/XGMII interfaces

Easy to use

  • Easy integration with MAC/PCS solutions
  • Pre-integrated with Altera or Xilinx Ethernet MAC cores; services available for integrating with other 3rd party eMAC cores
  • Complete reference designs for Altera and Xilinx, incl sample application software
  • Platform independent software

Silicon Agnostic

  • Designed in VHDL and targeting targeting both ASICs and FPGAs

Profiles Supported by the PTP IP

Profile Name

Default Delay Request-Response

Default Peer-to-Peer

Precision time protocol telecom profile for phase/time synchronization with full timing support from the network

Precision time protocol telecom profile for time/phase synchronization with partial timing support from the network

IEEE Std 802.1AS

Defining Document

IEEE Std 1588-2019 

IEEE Std 1588-2019 



IEEE Std 802.1AS-2020






Audio/Video, Industrial Automation, Automotive

Standards Development Organization







The IP Core can be delivered in Source code or Encrypted format. The following deliverables will be provided with the IP Core license:

  • Solid documentation, including User Manual and Release Note.
  • Programming Register Specification (optional).
  • Timing Constraints in Synopsys SDC format.
  • Access to support system and direct support from Comcores Engineers.
  • Software Application (optional).
  • Synopsys Lint and CDC (optional)
  • Synopsys SGDC Files (optional)
  • Synopsys Lint, CDC and Waivers (optional)

What Comcores IP will do for you

Proven Quality

Solid process and predictability

Strong verification

Faster Time-to-Market

First in bringing out new solutions

Tremendous investments in research


Long-term experience in communication protocols

Expert in executing digital design projects

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