Comcores MACsec IP provides Ethernet Layer 2 Security for data confidentiality and data integrity as standardized in IEEE 802.1AE. The MACsec IP protects components in Ethernet networks especially high-speed Ethernet used in 5G networks, industrial, automotive and cloud industries. The MACsec IP is a fully compliant solution that provides line-rate encryption, it is configurable to support multiple Connectivity Associations (SecYs) for traffic differentiation, and supports VLAN-in-clear.

The MACsec solution additionally includes a software tool for MACsec Key Agreement Protocol IEEE 802.1X integration.

The MACsec IP can be delivered as a Packaged IP Solution integrated with Comcores MAC, PCS, IEEE 1588 PTP Timestamping Unit (TSU), and TSN Switch IPs. The Packaged IP Solution will reduce your integration effort and accelerate your time-to-market.

Block Diagram

MACsec_block diagram

Key Features

Delivers Performance

  • Compliance with IEEE Std 802.1AE-2018
  • Line-rate traffic encryption and decryption

Highly Configurable

  • Supports 10G/25G data rates
  • Multiple Connectivity Associations (SecYs) with Traffic Mapping Rules
  • Multiple number of peers with 4 Security Associations (SA) per Transmit and Receive Secure Channels (SC)

    Feature Rich

    • AES-GCM-128 and AES-GCM-256 Cipher Suites
    • VLAN-in-Clear
    • Confidentiality Offset
    • SW tool for MACsec Key Agreement Protocol IEEE 802.1X integration

    Silicon Agnostic

    • Designed in SystemVerilog and targeting both ASICs and FPGAs


    The IP Core can be delivered in Source code or Encrypted format. The following deliverables will be provided with the IP Core license:

    • Solid documentation, including User Manual and Release Note.
    • Simulation Environment, including Simple Testbed, Test case, Test Script.
    • Programming Register Specification.
    • Timing Constraints in Synopsys SDC format.
    • SW integration tool for IEEE 802.1X MACsec Key Agreement Protocol.
    • Access to support system and direct support from Comcores Engineers.
    • Synopsys SGDC Files (optional)
    • Synopsys Lint, CDC and Waivers (optional)

    Please contact us to discuss your project requirements.

    What Comcores IP will do for you

    Proven Quality

    Solid process and predictability

    Strong verification

    Faster Time-to-Market

    First in bringing out new solutions

    Tremendous investments in research


    Long-term experience in communication protocols

    Expert in executing digital design projects

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