MAC Privacy Protection


The MAC Privacy Protection IP is a fully compliant solution that provides Ethernet Layer 2 Security for port and data privacy as standardized in IEEE 802.1AEdk. It protects components in Ethernet networks especially low and high speed Ethernet used in cloud, data center, 5G, industrial and automotive. The MAC Privacy Protection IP from Comcores supplements the security features of authentication, confidentiality, integrity, and replay protection, offered by MACsec. It adds encryption to MAC addresses, padding for fixed frame sizes, and controlled transmission timing of frames.

The IP core is configurable to have multiple Privacy Mapping rules for traffic differentiation, including Privacy Frame processing for individual frame protection and Privacy Channel processing for express and preemptable frame protection. The IP is prepared for easy interfacing with Comcores or third-party MACsec, MAC, PCS and TSN Switch IPs. It can be delivered with 8-bit and 64-bit AXI-S input and output data interfaces. It additionally includes a software tool for the integration with MACsec Key Agreement Entity.

Block Diagram

Ethernet Switch 10G/25G Block Diagram

Key Features

Delivers Performance

  • Compliance with IEEE Std 802.1AEdk-2023
  • Line-rate Privacy Protection

Highly Configurable

  • Supports 1G-50G data rates

  • Multiple Privacy Mapping Rules for traffic differentiation

  • Optional integrated with MACsec IP

Feature Rich

  • Individual Privacy Frame processing
  • Express and Preemptable Privacy Channel processing
  • Configurable padding and timing transmission
  • SW tool for MACsec Key Agreement Protocol IEEE 802.1X integration 

Silicon Agnostic

  • Designed in Verilog and targeting both ASICs and FPGAs


    The IP Core can be delivered in Source code or Encrypted format. The following deliverables will be provided with the IP Core license:

    • Solid documentation, including User Manual and Release Note.
    • Simulation Environment, Test cases and Test Script.
    • Programming Register Specification.
    • Timing Constraints in Synopsys SDC format.
    • SW integration tool for MACsec (optional).
    • Access to support system and direct support from Comcores Engineers.
    • Synopsys SGDC Files (optional).
    • Synopsys Lint, CDC and Waivers (optional).

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