Ethernet TSN Advanced Switch 10M/100M/1G/10G/25G - Manticore


Comcores Manticore IP is an advanced 10M/100M/1G/10G/25G Ethernet Packet Switch with an extensive set of QoS features and statistics. It provides support for key TSN features including IEEE 802.1Qbu and 802.3br Frame preemption, 802.1Qbv Time aware shaping, 802.1Qav Credit based shaping, and 802.1CB Frame replication and elimination for reliability. This enables the use of the IP in high speed time-sensitive applications.

The switch supports up to 8 queues, classification, flow control, VLAN 802.1Q, multicast and broadcast as well as IEEE 1588 transparent clock. Each port provides a native interface for Ethernet PHY devices.

IEEE 802.1 Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement is available, specifying exact feature-set.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram of Comcores Manticore - Advanced TSN Switch 10M/100M/1G/10G/25G IP

Key Features

Richly featured

  • QoS features including classification, queuing and scheduling
  • Supports VLAN
  • Supports Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
  • IEEE1588 functionality including both transparent and boundary clock Frame Preemption, Time Aware Shaping, Credit Based Shaping, Frame Replication and Elimination for Reliability

Silicon Agnostic

  • Designed in VHDL and targeting any RTL implementation, such as ASICs, ASSPs and FPGAs.

Easy to use

  • Solid documentation including user manual and Parsable Register Map 
  • Default configuration enables drop-in deployment

High Performance

  • Up to 800Gbps switching capacity
  • Parallel Lookup Engines enable high packet switching rate
  • CPU packet port up to 10 Gbps

Highly Configurable

  • 10M, 100M, 1G, 10G, and 25G ports configurable at compile time
  • TSN features can be enabled/disabled independently
  • Comes with supporting Software


The IP core comes deeply verified and with an extensive documentation that, among others, includes User Manual. The product comes with an integration test bench, PICS, Parsable Register Map, YANG model and SW Driver package. The core will by default come in an encrypted format. Source code option is available.

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