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Mobile carriers across the globe are deploying 5G solutions to support higher bandwidth, lower latency services. However, the transition from 4G to 5G networks will require a phased approach with many interim solutions. This demands high performance solutions that can be adapted and scaled to meet a broader and more demanding range of requirements.

Both 4G and 5G networks will see increased deployments of micro-cells with remote radio heads to enhance coverage and increase bandwidth. With 5G open virtual radio access networks, such as O-RAN, new functionality and capabilities are being introduced that will allow each service to receive exactly the performance it requires.

Comcores is a leading provider of proven IP solutions for 4G and 5G networks with a focus on fronthaul and remote radio head solutions. Comcores is an active member of the O-RAN Alliance and our close engagement in research and standardization ensures that Comcores solutions support the latest standards and are prepared for future developments.

Comcores provides complete 4G and 5G front-haul IP solutions to accelerate our customers time to market and minimize hidden costs and risks. Comcores provided the industry’s first O-RAN compliant IP implementation ideal for acceleration of 5G RU and DU solution development. 

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Fly-by-wire advances in avionics are leading to an increased reliance on intelligent sensors and high-speed communication networks. More sophisticated in-flight infotainment and Internet connectivity services add additional demands.

Aerospace companies are considering Ethernet TSN as a common communication platform for avionics. The ability of Ethernet TSN to support a broad range of communication needs including reliable, low-latency communication makes it ideal for avionics use.

Comcores has a proven track record of delivering reliable, high-performance IP core solutions for aerospace applications. This includes JESD204B and JESD204C Controller IPs in radar applications and space-grade Ethernet TSN solutions. Comcores is closely following the development of the SAE AS-1A2/ IEEE P802.1DP Ethernet TSN profile for avionics as well as other relevant Ethernet TSN standards releases.

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Modern vehicles are more computer than machine. Vast arrays of intelligent sensors support security, driver-assistance and advanced infotainment features. This demands faster and more efficient In-vehicle communication networks capable of supporting mixed data traffic needs.

Automotive manufacturers are migrating to Ethernet TSN to meet this demand and prepare for future 5G autonomous vehicle services. Ethernet TSN provides a common communication platform for all types of data. Ethernet TSN provides reliable, high-speed, low-latency performance ideal for real-time communication, while simultaneously supporting less demanding communication needs.

Comcores is a forward leaning and future oriented provider of Ethernet TSN solutions with a dedicated program to support present and future needs for TSN Ethernet solutions. We provide a range of Ethernet MAC and Switch IP core implementations with supporting software stacks based on the latest Ethernet TSN standards. Comcores is closely following the development of the IEEE P802.1DG Ethernet TSN profile for automotive Ethernet and continuously updates Ethernet TSN implementations to support the latest standard releases.

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Industrial automation initiatives, like Industry 4.0 are digitally transforming production across the globe. Increased use of robotics and smart IoT sensors are making “smart factories” possible. Smart factories have the capability to reconfigure themselves automatically but require reliable, real-time feedback to function effectively.

Ethernet TSN is considered the ideal communication network to support industrial automation. It can replace level 1 buses with a reliable, low-latency, packet-based network. Ethernet TSN is also compatible with IP-based networks supporting higher ISA-95 levels for supervisory control and scheduling negating the need for costly inter-level gateways.

Comcores provides a comprehensive portfolio of Ethernet TSN IP core implementations. Comcores Ethernet TSN MAC and Switch implementations can be used to accelerate the development of level 1 industrial networks capable of supporting industry 4.0 requirements. Comcores is closely following the development of the IEEE/IEC 60802 Ethernet TSN profile for industrial automation as well as other relevant standards.

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The latest advances in Ethernet and 5G technology open opportunities for new solutions in industries and applications previously thought unsuitable. Comcores has a proven portfolio of Ethernet, 4G and 5G solutions including supporting software and test frameworks that effectively accelerate the development of new communication solutions.

Whatever your application needs, contact Comcores to understand how we can help you to realize your product vision.