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Comcores is an internationally oriented company with a strong position in the industry. We focus on being a leader in technology and are always looking for talents that can contribute to raising the bar.

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Life At Comcores

Job Opportunities

Why Work at Comcores

Realize your potential

Comcores’ international perspective gives you a broad, international working horizon with amazing possibilities for learning and growing. Our know-how is the strategic foundation of our business activities. Our clients rely on our ability to constantly be on the cutting edge of software technology. Our success is dependent on our employees‘ skills, and we are focused to grow knowledge and turn this into professional skills.


Flexibility is a key word at Comcores. We recognise that needs vary through a working life and we try hard to foster a good work-life balance. As we see it, we have a mutual responsibility for making this happen. As an organisation, we strive to create flexible working conditions on a day-to-day basis and at the same time we expect good self-management skills. Our employees like empowerment and value to have a say in planning their own work and the ability to influence their work-life balance.


Working in Comcores, you will be part of a team. We recognize your individual achievements. But we also believe we can achieve much more when we work together. Working in a team provides synergies, energy and possibilities for learning. Combining all our different approaches, competences and views enables us to deliver the best solutions for our customers. We team up and work together across the organization, we show trust and empowerment and we assume accountability.