Press Release

Copenhagen, Denmark, June 2, 2016 — Denmark Headquartered Comcores ApS, a specialized supplier of silicon intellectual property (SIP) today announced the immediate availability of a 10G Time-SensitiveNetworking (TSN) Ethernet MAC solution targeting FPGA and ASIC devices.

The TSN-solution supports features like Frame Pre-emption (IEEE 802.3 br and IEEE 802.1 Qbu), Timing and Synchronization (IEEE 802.1 AS) with more to come.

The 10G TSN Ethernet MAC makes it possible to generate and receive background and express type traffic streams where the express traffic is guaranteed an absolute maximum delay time before being transmitted on the Ethernet link. This allows for time sensitive payload to meet stringent performance guarantees such as bounded latency, latency variation, and minimal loss of packets.

The TSN solution enables fully deterministic real-time communication over Ethernet based on IEEE 802 Ethernet sub standards and brings time synchronization across a network, queuing features and the ability to assign priority to traffic.

In applications with strict deterministic requirements, such as those found in communication networks, automotive and industrial domains, Comcores TSN solution offers a solution to send time-critical traffic over a standard Ethernet infrastructure without being impacted by best-effort traffic.

Comcores TSN-solution is the first commercial solution available at 10G and allows for early prototyping and testing of TSN features in Ethernet based systems. The SIP has been tested in a network setup and a test platform solution can be delivered as part of the offering.

“Efficiency, in terms of cost, power and time to market, are paramount to enable any new technology like Time-Sensitive-Networks”, said Thomas Noergaard, Founder of Comcores. “Bringing a robust and proven solution to market enables easy adoption of the features that TSN is offering”.

About Comcores

Comcores is a leading provider of silicon agnostic IP-cores for communication systems. State of the art know how and practical experience enabling connectivity in communication systems are key elements in Comcores’s delivery of unique, high quality, production-proven IP-cores. Comcores solutions not only accelerate development and cut costs, they increase overall design reliability and project predictability.

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Privately held Comcores is headquartered in Greater Copenhagen Area, Denmark.