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Comcores and Analog Devices have successfully performed interoperability test between Comcores JESD204C IP-core and Analog Devices JESD204 implementation 

Copenhagen, Denmark, Jan 17, 2019 – Comcores ApS, a fast-growing specialized supplier of silicon intellectual property (SIP), for communication networks today announced that the JESD204C IP-core has successfully been interoperability tested with Analog Devices (ADI) JESD204C implementation. The interoperability test confirmed seamless compliance between Comcores JESD204C IP and ADI JESD204C implementation, view the full report.

As a leading provider of, among others, JESD204B and JESD204C IP-cores, and an Analog Devices Alliance partner, Comcores has performed interoperability tests between Comcores IP and Analog Devices products to secure seamless interoperability and proven support for supported ADI configurations by using Comcores JESD204C implementation. Comcores’ tight integration with Analog Devices’ converter and front-end solutions enables easy bring up of and solid support for new product designs making use of JESD2048 and JESD204C interface methods.

“The completion of Interoperability testing between Comcores and Analog Devices assures the industry availability of an IP solution that works seamlessly with latest ADI converters and transceivers, and as such, the risk in interface interoperability is eliminated”, said Thomas Noergaard, Founder of Comcores. “The availability of proven designs with solid documentation saves weeks of work and enables time-saving in any project”.

About Comcores

Comcores is a leading provider of silicon agnostic IP-cores for communication systems. State of the art knowhow and practical experience enabling connectivity in communication systems are key elements in Comcores’ delivery of unique, high quality, and production-proven IP-cores and sub-systems. Comcores solutions not only accelerate development and cut costs, they increase overall design reliability and project predictability.

To learn more about IP-core offerings from Comcores please visit or contact us at Comcores ApS is headquartered in Greater Copenhagen Area, Denmark.