Join our upcoming webinar on JESD204 and get insights into what we predict the upcoming JESD204D standard will contain, based our experience working with JESD204.

Our expert speaker, Piotr Koziuk, has over a decade of experience with JESD204 standards and is a member of the JEDEC Standardization Committee. He will share his prediction of what could be the features of the JESD204D and explain potentially how the new architecture will improve the Bit Error Rate (BER) through Reed Solomon Forward Error Correction (RS-FEC) and new framing and data encoding patterns.

Also briefly touch upon eXtreme Short Reach (XSR) for Die-to-Die or 2.5D Chip-to-Chip stacking applications originating from the underlying 112G OIF Serdes Specifications and cover how the standard will potentially target various reach classes for PAM4 and NRZ encoding and the higher line rates.

Watch the webinar on-demand